Over 35 years servicing the automotive industry.

Automotive Software Management System Specialists

Orion Dealer and Fleet Management software is developed, distributed and supported by SAM Computer Systems, a market leader in providing specialist business software systems to the automotive and related industries throughout Australia & New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

SAM Computer Systems is one of several companies that form the Technology Solutions for Industry (TSI) Group. TSI had its genesis in the early 1980s developing specialised business software for the automotive industry.

A Range of Industries Supported
Orion is at its core a specialist automotive Dealer Management System (DMS) software system.

While the original targets for DMS were almost exclusively automotive (car) and motorcycle dealerships, over time the same models of efficiency and performance enhancement that have been so successfully applied to these have been rolled out to a wide range of other industries including Marine, Motorcycle, Agricultural, Fleet Management, Heavy Transport, Materials Handling, Mining & Drilling, Quarrying, Heavy Equipment, Outdoor Power Equipment, Engineering/Manufacturing.

Specialist Fleet Management and Rental/Hire Options
Along the way, systems and modules have been developed specifically for the Rental/Hire/Lease and Fleet Management sectors. These have been completely integrated into the existing software to deliver the same administrative efficiencies, cost savings and improved business performance available in the original Orion software versions.

SAM currently operates Orion support helpdesk centres based in Auckland, Christchurch and Sydney. World class training and consultancy is provided either at SAM’s training centre(s), on-site at client premises or - increasingly - via remote technology.

Leading Edge Software Development
All software is developed using leading edge software technology – allowing the rapid delivery of enhancements and improvements – and genuine Windows functionality is standard. Technological advances that provide benefits to clients (e.g. integrating email, SMS text messaging, remote access via a range of devices) are incorporated into our software products as a part of our ongoing support commitment, and these are delivered to clients in annual version updates.

We Know Our Client’s Business
Our business model relies on developing a close, strong relationship with clients. Our consultants have an intimate and thorough understanding of the various industries the software is operative in, as well as the business processes our clients use every day. Where-ever possible, Orion consultants are employed directly from within our supported industries. The significant direct market experience and knowledge this brings to our team is enhanced with the addition of specialists in the areas of accounting (including chartered accountants), training, hardware/networking and business consultancy - all of these combining to provide a total business support structure for clients.