Choosing The Right System

One of the most important business decisions you will make.

Software Installation Advice

Most managers agree that software systems are essential for the smooth operation of business and implementing the right solution will create gains in efficiency, productivity, cost savings and increased staff job satisfaction.

It isn’t just about the software
Bad software installations, cost over-runs and project failures are all too common. These are typically caused by either choosing the wrong system or having the right system but ruining the implementation with poor project management.

Relationships – in for the long run
When choosing an I.T. vendor it is wise to remember that the relationship will last at least 5 years and probably 10 or more..... so it is crucial that all aspects are considered in depth.

Selecting the correct system is, in itself, only part of the answer. A great system badly supported will probably be a disaster. Brilliant support can turn a mediocre system into a winner. The trick is finding that perfect combination of a great system and a business partner willing to grow with and support your operation.

Experienced I.T. buyers always consider the following when selecting systems:

Ongoing support

  1. What support resources are available?
  2. What is included with / excluded from ongoing support?

Ongoing development / System evolution

  1. Is the vendor committed to improving / enhancing the system?
  2. What is the track record of delivering change?
  3. Are updates / upgrades chargeable or part of support agreement?
  4. Is the vendor committed to my future and evolving with me?

Vendor track record

  1. How many installations overall?
  2. How many similar to yours?
  3. Number of years in market and market presence?

Technology platform

  1. Modern software development platform(s) used?
  2. Why are these selected/used?
  3. Is the technology relevant and modern (e.g. genuine Windows)?
  4. Will the technology evolve/improve over time (if it doesn’t the solution can hardly be expected to)?


  1. What do existing customers say about the system and support?
  2. What other options were considered and why were these eliminated?