Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Can my existing data be converted?

A: No problem!
We have converted hundreds of clients from other systems. We have automated or semi-automated conversion programs for most of them.

What will be converted?
At a minimum we will endeavour to convert:
- Customers
- Parts Stock
- Vehicles / Items
- Suppliers / Vendors

We are usually also able to convert Suppliers and Marketing information.

Historical invoices and sales information
We are unique in being (usually) able to import historical invoice and customer sales information from other systems.
Many clients request a sample conversion to see what their information looks like in Orion.

We have considerable experience in upgrading from most other software on the market.
To make this process more efficient and because we do it regularly, we have developed our own tried and tested conversion utilities.

Q:  Ease of use is really important to me. How easy is your software to use?

A: Certainly
We exclusively use the latest Windows technology. We incorporate every look and feel advantage we can to make the experience of using our software simple without compromising the power and speed of our back-end technology.

Our system is intuitive. Our processes replicate the actual work flows our users undertake in each task.

Our clients love it
Clients who have used other systems tell us our systems are the most efficient, and the easiest to learn and use.

Q:  What technical support do you provide?

A: Our support is comprehensive
Our organisation includes a computer hardware and networking company. We access staff and resources from this company whenever they are needed. Our technicians are able to support to any level from a single PC to a large, multi-location corporate operation.

Already have a hardware supplier?
Where clients already have an existing hardware vendor in place, we are more than happy to work with these suppliers and provide whatever assistance we are able to.

We always take the “first call” on any issue. Software or hardware and regardless of whether the hardware is purchased from us.  When a fault is identified as hardware, we may direct our client back to their original vendor but we will work through the identification of the issue and continue to assist in any practical way possible.

Q:  We have an accounting system already. Can you interface?

A: Yes!
Orion can be used as a full system, incorporating accounting and financial reporting, or as a "front end" with interfaces to an existing system. Orion is already successfully interfaced to many popular mid-range and ERP level accounting systems.

What can be shared
A wide variety of data can be shared depending on the requirements of the client and the industry.

Q:  Are multiple locations OK?

A: Unlimited locations
Effectively, there is no limitation to the number of departments and locations that Orion can cope with.

It's important that separate locations are linked adequately to move data around quickly. If you have multiple locations (or plan to), talk to us.

Q:  What is your pricing model?

A: Pricing
Our pricing model is simple. There is a base cost for the Orion system which includes 2 users. The base system includes workshop, parts, sales and the accounting/financial reporting modules.
Some other features and modules are separately chargeable. These include the rental, fleet management and time clocking modules.
There is also a one off charge per user.

Software support charge
We charge a monthly fee which encompasses both ongoing software updates and unlimited support from our consultancy staff.

Q:  How will you handle our expected future growth?

A: Orion is scalable.
Orion suits businesses of anywhere from two users upward. Orion grows with any business as size, users, departments, locations are added. This does not add complexity for users.